Experts in Manufacturing

Celebrating 50 years of industry-leading quality and innovation

Since 1958, Ohio Steel Industries has been synonymous with high-quality commercial products and workmanship. Starting with a 25,000 square foot facility as a structural steel fabricator serving the central Ohio area, Ohio Steel Industries has expanded.
Our ISO 9001:2008 registered Contract Manufacturing business provides solutions.
We research, design, develop, engineer, manufacture, and sell diversified lines of OEM and private products and we provide contract manufacturing services for others.
We manufacture a wide variety of products including lawn and garden equipment, over the road trailers and loading ramps, wellness, and exercise equipment, ergonomic material handling solutions and a variety of contract manufactured products for others. We are the people behind the brand.
We provide fabrication and contract manufacturing services including stamping, forming, bending, welding, punching, powder coating, assembling, packaging, and shipping.
Our diversified in-house expertise and strategic alliances afford our customers confidence in knowing Ohio Steel Industries can provide cost effective, quality "complete product" manufacturing services spanning a wide variety of materials and processes.

Contract Manufacturing

Your complete source for Quality Manufacturing

Our Quality Management system ensures quality principles and practices are embedded into all manufacturing processes. From conceptual design through Final product delivery, Ohio Steel Industries employees are committed to delivering a superior quality product to our customers. We foster an environment that is focused and committed to continuous improvement and continuous learning at all levels.

Ohio Steel Industries incorporates statistical process control methods using state-of-the-art measuring equipment to minimize and control the variation in our manufacturing processes. This allows us to confirm our goal of meeting and or exceeding
our customer requirements.

Ohio Steel Industries specializes in manufacturing parts and components for a wide range of industrial applications and manufacturers. From finished products to parts, variously sized storage racks & structural weldments. Ohio Steel Industries provides innovative solutions to a wide variety of segments within the industrial manufacturing sector. Our “First Time Quality” principle, quick turnaround, and on-time delivery record make us a preferred provider. Manufacturers nationwide rely on Ohio Steel Industries’ reputation for Service, Quality, and Delivery to ensure their product is of the highest quality and conforms to all required specifications.

Ohio Steel Industries realizes how important your project is to you. We are dedicated to the success and quality of your product through every step of the process.
We have exceeded client expectations with our products and services.


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