Partner with IMI and open the door to low-cost, high-quality manufacturing

"Our Hubs in Asia Design, Manufacture, Quality Assure, handle all duties, freight, insurance and customs logistics for companies across North America. To date we have manufactured and shipped over 7000 components and finished goods for companies just like yours. Are you ready to dramatically lower your cost of goods and increase your bottom line by 20-40% or more?"   - George Anasis, CEO, IMI International, Inc.

About IMI

IMI roots and structure

Since IMI’s founding in 1991, our privately held, a multi-million-dollar organization has established a firm foothold in China; in the process, we’ve earned an unsurpassed reputation as a quality manufacturer of a diverse array of products, as well as a source for engineering and product development. Our executive team is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan, and is supported by a network of independent sales representatives across North America. In China, we employ thousands of employees through our joint-venture manufacturing plants and hub facilities. IMI has the experience and the organization you can depend on.

Let’s talk business

Consider what an IMI relationship with diverse capabilities can mean to your business. Now you can outsource any aspect of your manufacturing operation from concept to finished product, or any step in between. Now you can focus on the weakest links in your manufacturing operations and quickly transform them into true competitive advantages.  With IMI you exploit the full advantages of offshore manufacturing with confidence. Contact MCMILLANCO LLC to forge a partnership that will make high-quality, low-cost manufacturing a reality in your immediate future.  

Manufacturing Capabilities



  • Electrical / Computer capabilities include: cable assemblies, electrical connectors, electromechanical devices, network connectors, printed circuit boards and wire / cable.
  • Bobbin wire/coil bobbins - Custom sizes and shapes.
  • Cable assemblies - Custom sizes and shapes.
  • Capabilities - UL. SAE and ISO 9000 manufacturing.
  • Electrical connectors - Plastic terminal connectors.
  • Electromechanical devices - Solenoids (metal or plastic housings). Switches.
  • Electronic components - Diodes. Resistors. Voltage regulators. Heat sinks. Capacitors. RF shields, etc.
  • Motors - AC/DC — with or without gear box or transmission.
  • Printed circuit boards - Design. Fabrication. Assembly.
  • Wire/cable - All types, low-volt, high-volt.

Metal Working

IMI is capable of bearings, cold headings, die casting, extrusion / co-extrusion, forgings, matching, screw machining, stampings, tubing and welding.
  • Bearings - All types.
  • Coatings - Dichromate. Chrome. Impregnation. Paint. Annodize. Phosphate.
  • Cold forgings/hot forgings - Brass. Steel. Bronze.
  • Cold heading - Graded and non-graded fasteners. Pins. Bolts. Shafts.
    Screws. Nails. Nuts, etc. Custom sizes and shapes.
  • Die casting - Brass. Zinc. Cast Iron. Aluminum.
  • Extrusion/co-extrusion - Metal. Plastics. Rubber.
  • Machining - All metals. All woods. All plastics.
  • Powder metals - Carbide. All metals.
  • Sand casting - All metals.
  • Screw machining - All metals.
  • Springs - Custom shapes and sizes.
  • Stamping - Steel. Stainless Steel. Aluminum. Brass. Copper.
  • Tubing - Forming. Bending. Welding. All materials.
  • Wax casting/lost wax - All metals.
  • Welding - Metal fabrication.

Plastics/Rubber Molding

IMI’s Plastic / Rubber Molding divisions are familiar with extrusion / co-extrusion, injection molding and tubing.
  • Blow molding All materials.
  • Coating/finish Chrome. Paint. Silkscreen. Shrink-wrap. Grain. Texture. Stiple.
  • Extrusion/co-extrusions Metal. Plastics. Rubber.
  • Injection molding All plastics. Insert molding.
  • Rubber molding Gas filled. Liquid filled. Custom part capability.
  • Insert molding.
  • Tubing Forming. Bending. Welding. All materials.
  • Vacuum forming Forming. Bending. Welding. All materials.
  • Welding Sonic. Spin. RF. Chemical.


IMI’s factories have experience in: cut & sew manufactured goods, design & dyes, embroidery, materials and silk screening
  • Cut & sew manufactured goods - Leather. Cloth. Synthetics. Vinyl.
  • Design & dyes - All materials.
  • Embroidery - Custom emblems and design.
  • Materials - Woven. Print.
  • Silk screening - Custom emblems and design.

Other Services

IMI performs many other services such as: assembly, packaging, painting, plating, tool / die and engineering.
  • Assembly - Final and Sub-assembly.
  • Consulting - Manufacturing techniques. Process Flow. Tooling.
    Material selection. New product testing. Design.
  • Engineering - CAD/CAM design. Reverse engineering. Drawing.
  • Packaging - Full-service packaging and design.
  • Painting - Plastics. Metals.
  • Plating - Chrome. Zinc. Phosphate. Dichromate. Plastics. Metals.
  • Tool & die - Design and fabrication of tools and dies for stamping,
    casting, extruding, forging, and molding. Prototype.
  • Transportation services/logistics - Sea. Air. Rail. Truck. Customs.
    Insurance. Bonds. Brokers. Inland transportation. Duty.
    Classifications, etc.


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