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Inconel weldment and machining



We offer manufacturing representation, sales growth consulting as well as research and development of your vendor base.



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We offer domestic and global manufacturing solutions.

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  • Purchasing information
  • Project timeline
  • Quotation due date
  • PDF drawings (with tolerances)
  • 3D CAD files, STEP files, DXF files.
  • Welding specifications (if applicable)
  • Material / finishing / coating specifications
  • Sample Requirements and production quality requirements (e.g. First article, PPAP level required)
  • Estimated Annual Usages and typical release quantities
  • Packing requirements
  • Target Pricing

I could list all the positives of my business relationship with Dustin, but I won' is what you need to know for now.... we met on LinkedIn, and from there we met face to face several times.....Dustin is based in Ohio; I am a west coast Canuck. I knew the moment we sat down for our first business meal we would be colleagues, associates, and friends for life. If you ever need to know the inside scoop on one Mr. McMillan, I would welcome a call. There is not enough space to explain why I believe he is a go-to do yourself a favor and call me if you are in question.


Larry Cole

VP~Client Relationship Management 

RainMaker @HollyweedNorth & TerraCube


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